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Molalla police cite three in drug raid

By Abby Sewell

Molalla Pioneer

The Molalla Police Department executed a search warrant on an apartment on Center Avenue in downtown Molalla on Wednesday afternoon, resulting in three residents being cited on drug charges.

MPD Sgt. Jim Barnhart said the raid was a result of a two-month investigation that revealed methamphetamine was being sold out of the apartment on a regular basis.

"There are children that live right next door to this place, it's across the street from a bank, and we had these people committing felonies quite arrogantly, dealing meth a block from the police department," he said.

The search, which was conducted about 3 p.m. on Wednesday, resulted in the discovery of one small baggy of meth inside a light bulb that had been converted into a makeshift meth pipe. A syringe loaded with some form of liquid was found in the toilet, as were several empty syringes, marijuana pipes and a small quantity of marijuana.

George Hamm, 36, was cited on a charge of unlawful possession of methamphetamine but was not taken into custody, as he is the sole caretaker for his mother, who has serious heath problems, Barnhart said. The mother, who also lives in the apartment on Center Avenue, was not charged with any crime or believed to be involved in the drug activity.

Two other residents of the apartment were also cited. Brenda Wacker, 34, was cited on a charge of frequenting a place where controlled substances are sold. She was released.

Pamella Marez, 46, was arrested and lodged in the Clackamas County jail on charges of unlawful possession of methamphetamine and violating her probation from a previous conviction of driving under the influence of intoxicants.

"George Hamm dealt quite a bit of meth in small amounts," Barnhart said. "Not much was found on scene, but by putting the time and effort in (to execute the search), we disrupted the activity."

He added that the owner of the property where Hamm was a tenant had been notified of the search warrant and was "very supportive."

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